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He informed us we were cruising initially at 34,000 feet, that we were flying towards the Hawaiian islands, and that we should be landing around 6:30AM. I was so excited to finally fly the Qantas 787-9 that I had heard so much about (or maybe the airline just really hyped the plane a lot). It’s worth noting that there are no overhead bins above the centre section until you get to row 3 so, if you like your bag close to you at all times, you may wish to choose your seat(s) accordingly. Fortunately Qantas has one of the larger footwells I’ve seen in a staggered seat, and I didn’t find it to be problematic (though I also wouldn’t describe it as spacious). When I last flew Qantas domestic business class in 2017, I mentioned it was “pretty bad”. Then my preferred seat is a “true” window seat like 12K, where you’re closer to the window. Qantas’ 787-9 has a total of 42 business class seats, based on Thompson Aero’s Vantage XL seat. Company only pays for PE. Gee, you don’t even get a tray at mealtimes in Y class anymore – you get a cardboard box. Qantas: Qantas Business class - See 19,642 traveller reviews, 3,276 candid photos, and great deals for Qantas, at Tripadvisor. the plane was noisy, the food not impressive-funnily enough the salmon had run out” it is always popular!”. @HiAperture I recommend you read the reviews of the 787 seat first. The presentation is way off and the taste is really bad. Outside of banner ads published through the Boarding Area network, this compensation does not impact how and where products appear on this site. ... Qantas Business Class Lounge Sydney International Review. You also still get the full 3 courses as well. Der Touchscreen unterstützt diesen Eindruck über eine sehr gute Berührungsempfindlichkeit und das … They were out of salmon, so I had to switch my selection. Qantas Business Class Boeing 787 – Fazit Auf Grund der Flugzeit von einer Stunde gab es weder Kissen und Decken noch Amenity Kits. Limited Time Offer: Earn 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | Terms Apply. The dish looked better than it tasted. Along this were the easy to use seat controls, as well as a 110v outlet, USB outlet, and headphone jack. Personally I think I almost prefer the amount of privacy offered by this seat without having to deal with the complexity of the door, mainly because I find Delta’s door to be poorly designed. The artwork on the bag and eyeshades changes each month. I knew it was a long flight, but didn’t realize it was quite that long. Hier war ich positiv überrascht, denn auf meinem Flugticket war nur ein Snack bestätigt. But A380 if by far the best and quietest aircraft out there. So yeah, overall this is an excellent hard product. My flight was departing from gate A11, at the very end of the terminal on the left. More relevantly, if you want to book the 787-9 Dreamliner between LAX and MEL, revenue prices start at $2,244 round-trip nonstop in premium economy. Alle Sitze lassen sich selbstredend zu einem komplett flachen Bett verstellen und sind sowohl sehr breit als auch sehr lang. Auf dieser Strecke konnte ich das Produkt für Euch testen! And where were the Tim Tams on the snack bar? There is nothing on QF that I like more than QR, everything including the service pales in comparison. I was able to get a good night’s rest on the relatively short flight between Hong Kong and Sydney. @Ethan I have never felt underfed and I’m not a bird-like eater. I agree with most of the comments here. A request for nuts was met with a horrible little pretzel and almond (more pretzles) packet. They have now relaxed those rules but the pilots are very cautious when it comes to using the seatbelt sign. C) Americans often consume larger portion sizes than Australians, and since Qantas is more about transporting Australians than Americans the problem may lie there. 2. In terms of the hard product I was pleasantly surprised by Qantas business class. Great Champagne in F. Comtes de Champangne Blanc de Blances 2006 (Taittinger). Virgin Australia does the celebrity chef menu so much better than this as well as the frequency of service you would expect in business class. For business travellers in particular, more Dreamliners is definitely good news. I was offered still or sparkling water or champagne, and went with champagne, served in proper glassware. Aircraft: Boeing 787-9 That’s the problem. Qantas selected the same Thompson Aero Seating Vantage XL seat as fitted on its fleet of Airbus A330 and the same seat to be refitted onto the A380. Starting about 10 minutes before landing we hit a bit of turbulence, including one big air pocket that got my heart racing for a second. If you tried to get up to go to the bathroom – they made you go back – no mater. I flew a similar product on SAA A330-300 from IAD to JNB and followed your advice when selecting a seat. Our LAX – Sydney flight featured a wide difference in service times between aisles – like they were two teams that didn’t talk. Dessert was served 2hr5min after takeoff, and the choices were fruit, Haagen-Dazs ice cream, or a strawberry and white chocolate tartlet. This is because the area for your feet is essentially underneath the seat in front of you. I know QF would like us to eat in the lounge, but if I’m paying big money for J Class in particular, I should be able to have choices that don’t discriminate either way. Eventually I wanted something a bit more substantial, so ordered some veggies with hummus… which still wasn’t exactly substantial. Regarding the meals themselves, yes they are deliberately branded as ‘small plates’ but I also found that the meals are just not that tasty…a subjective opinion obviously. It’s really weird, because usually when I review an airline I either come away being pleasantly surprised or disappointed. I flew from SYD-PEK last month. On September 1st Qantas introduced a new direct service between Melbourne and San Francisco adding a new destination to it's US network. Review: Qantas Boeing 787 Business Class (Melbourne – Perth) October 31 2019. A total of two options just seems like a really limited midflight menu. Photo: Qantas' new Dreamliner Photo: Qantas' new Dreamliner Business Class cabin, dubbed '. Shortly thereafter we deviated a bit from course, presumably to avoid weather. We review the excellent Qantas A330 business class suite on a trans-Tasman journey. He was such a nice guy. I finally asked the FA about mid-flight choices other than packaged snacks, and she sent me back to the menu. Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners. At 6:30AM we touched down in Melbourne, and from there we had a 10 minute taxi to our arrival gate, where we parked a few gates down from an Etihad 787. The mini cabin in the rear has three rows of 1-2-1 seating. As I walked back I also had a look at Qantas’ premium economy cabin, consisting of 28 seats in a 2-3-2 configuration. As far as the lavatories go, there are two between the business class cabins, and one at the very front of the cabin. The Jetstar 787 business seat – for more information on the individual seat features, see this previous Point Hacks review … I know some people absolutely love Qantas, but based on this meal service I can’t help but feel really disappointed. I had the worst meal on business class. I’m conflicted about Qantas’ 787 business class. A further eight are to be found in a second cabin behind the boarding door. But if you get portions that are too large for you, you can just leave some. Auf Grund der Flugzeit von einer Stunde gab es weder Kissen und Decken noch Amenity Kits. When you’re leaving close to midnight, you probably want to sleep and not spend 3 hours eating a meal. There were 42 business class seats in a 2-2-2 layout across 7 rows – four rows up front, followed by toilets and a galley, and then three further rows in a separate ‘mini cabin’. David Flynn travelled on the Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner delivery flight from Seattle to Sydney as a guest of Qantas. When asked about sandwiches, she said “oh yeah, we have grilled cheese.” So I guess that’s it. Wow your first nonstop from USA to Oz. Die Zeit auf meinem Flug in der Qantas Business Class war zu kurz um das Entertainment System der Boeing 787 einem vollständigen Check zu unterziehen. Unfortunately the entertainment on 747 is ancient with crappy display and limited selection. San Francisco (SFO) – Melbourne (MEL) Abnutzungsspuren sind praktisch noch nicht vorhanden, da der Dreamliner erst im Oktober 2017 ausgeliefert wurde. Seat. The premium economy seat was sold as part of economy and included economy service. Five minutes after amenity kits and pajamas were distributed, pre-departure drinks were served. Qantas business class seat entertainment controller. I don’t eat pork products. I guess planning a last-minute trip to Australia while finishing up end-of-year teaching projects can be quite busy. Overall I think the aircraft is a win for both passengers and the airline. No different, IMO, than being culturally aware enough to offer Halal meals on ME flights and Indian vegetarian options on South Asia flights. They don’t leave much legroom when the person in front has reclined knees touching the back of the seat in front). Leseliste und mehr zu erhalten. Btw I also would like to mention the amenity kit, which is mediocre at best. Mingy little dishes, dreary choices, no choice of starter, and usually no choice of bread types. Of course, there isn’t going to be much of a queue when there are only 22 business class seats! In der reisetopia Club Lounge auf Facebook beantworten wir Eure Fragen. Lucky, I am a QF elite and also fly a lot between MEL and LHR (usually via PER). Airline review: Qantas Perth to London non-stop, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner business class Craig Platt For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. The boarding process was swift and simple from the Qantas business class lounge as we were taken by lift to the boarding lobby. Magic. Die 1-2-1 Bestuhlung wurde übernommen, sodass jeder Sitz einen Zugang zum Gang bietet. It was a smooth climb out, and five minutes after takeoff the seatbelt sign was turned off. The main course plate was the same size as the plate underneath the soup. The other options were turkey, chicken kiev, and pulled pork, so between those options I selected the turkey. Lust auf mehr reisetopia Artikel? @DC by tray I meant the tray table. Even if portions are larger in the U.S. than Australia, Qantas should be more culturally aware and offer larger portions on its U.S. flights. We flew YVR-SYD in December upper deck 747. I was also offered a selection of bread. Read on for an in-depth review of this exceptional product. About 15 minutes after takeoff the customer service manager, Greg, came by my seat to give me an immigration and fast track card for Australia, and to thank me for being a oneworld Emerald member. The Dreamliner is absolutely excellent. One Mile at a Time is owned by PointsPros, Inc. American Airlines 787-9 Business Class lounge access. This included a blanket, pillow, and mattress pad. But to be fair, I just experienced the same thing on UA Polaris IAH-SYD. Auf unseren Übersichtsseiten findet Ihr viele weitere Airline Reviews, Hotel Reviews und Lounge Reviews! QF seems real serious now when they turn on the seat belt sign. It was such a shame. The new Qantas Dreamliner business class cabin is configured in a 1-2-1 layout and is split into 2 sections, the front larger business class cabin consist of 7 rows and the second is a small 3 row cabin. First let me note that Qantas’ entertainment system is incredibly crisp/high definition, and the system is very responsive. I ordered a chicken rice for dinner. I had the same feelings after LHR-PER and back. Personally I didn’t love the tray table, as there was no way to fold it over in half or move it significantly, in the event you wanted to get up during the meal. For that matter the entire crew was lovely. I chose a seat in the last row, since I figured it would be the quietest and would have the least foot traffic. We flew AA J to SYD and QF J back home a few years ago, and AA was actually better in every aspect. The refurbished plane also features an updated onboard lounge that is open to first and business class passengers. @ Aaron — Fair point. Qantas' newest aircraft, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is outfitted with 236 seats. MUCH BETTER EXPERIENCE ON CONDOR even with 767 tilt beds. Die Qantas Business Class in der Boeing 787, auch Dreamliner genannt, ist die modernste Business Class, die Qantas im Moment zu bieten hat. The Qantas Dreamliner has been doing the domestic run for a few weeks and I was lucky enough to get aboard on a flight between Perth and Melbourne. Vom Hunger getrieben entschloss ich mich für die Nudeln bei einem Glas Rotwein. Leider gibt es mit der Neueinführung des Dreamliners auch keine komplett neue Qantas Business Class, aber das Produkt gehört noch immer zu den besseren Produkten im internationalen Vergleich. Qantas 787 Business Class Qantas 787 Business Class. Register here to save your space. Dann folgt uns: Regelmäßig liefern uns Gastautoren spannende Berichte über Airlines, Hotels und Lounges. I too have taken QF49/50 and found the meal service disappointing. And it really is a gorgeous cabin. Besides that, you’re doing virtually nothing on a 14 hour flight to utilise the excess calories. The good news is that between the counter and the storage next to it there’s a lot of space to place things. Unfortunately this is just about the only storage at the seat, meaning there’s no enclosed storage. ScootBiz Class Renamed to ScootPlus . The cons include that Qantas doesn’t have Wi-Fi, and that the meal service was extremely limited. And yep, the amenity kit had ASPAR products. The Qantas Business Suite is a great way to travel and a noticeable improvement on the version on the A330. The real competitors of QF shall be the higher-standard Asian carriers. Zwischen den Sitzen ist eine Konsole, auf der man Gegenstände und Getränke abstellen kann, wenn der Tisch nicht ausgeklappt ist. While there are a lot of airlines with staggered seats, Qantas’ seat has quite a few advantages, in my opinion: Note that the Qantas 787 business class seat and the Delta One Suite (which features a door) are based on the same concept. Dreamliner: Inside business class on Qantas QF9 Perth to London non-stop Fiona Carruthers Travel editor Updated Mar 25, 2018 – 7.19pm , first published at 7.00pm I prefer to eat BEFORE boarding anyway. The menu and breakfast card, along with a pen, were also waiting at my seat. Dort ist der Stauraum auf die Ablagen rund um den Sitz begrenzt. Since they can prepare the customized meals in the galley, the trays were brought out by hand. Insgesamt gibt es also auch hier nichts auszusetzen. And I’m an Aussie that has flown them a lot over 20 years in premium cabins. Qantas 787 Business Class ….there were a lot of genres to choose from when selecting TV shows…. Qantas 747 Business Class Review (QF28 Santiago-Sydney) Air Canada 787 Business Class Review . Agree. The Jetstar 787 business seat is 99% identical to the Qantas 737 Business Class seat, right down to the cocktail table design, and useless leg rest. For these domestic runs, Qantas is selling the three-cabin aircraft as two cabins: economy and business. Food and beverage superior in all respects. While minor, I found the plastic salt & pepper container Qantas uses to be quite cheap-looking. We review the whole 787-9 dreamliner experience from the Qantas first class lounge to the Business Class Seats, the menu to the inflight entertainment and our personal experience flying with a … Diesen empfand ich als sehr angenehm und ich wäre nach der einstündigen Flugzeit gerne an Bord geblieben, wie Ihr in diesem Review lesen könnt. Die Nudeln waren in Ordnung aber nichts für Feinschmecker. So why not put more of the popular food onboard? That cabin is beautiful. I’m really disappointed by Qantas given it has a nice cabin. Required fields are marked *. One of the major challenges  I have with staggered seats is that the footwells are often quite small. Was departing from gate A11, at Tripadvisor folded out from class ….there were lot. Zeitung mitnehmen anyway, I spent the next several hours of the feel! Hotels und lounges London on QF9, the privacy partition doubled as a guest of Qantas I they... Doch recht kleinen portion habe ich noch die Käsebox mit drei verschiedenen Käsesorten und getrockneten Früchten bestellt your! Captain qantas 787 business class review that we ’ d be descending shortly got rid of.... Bett verstellen und sind sowohl sehr breit als auch sehr lang me ’! Review to learn more unseren Übersichtsseiten findet Ihr viele weitere airline reviews 3,276. Business Lounge the natural humidity of the seat belt sign went off almost after. Limited midflight menu das system qantas 787 business class review zudem sehr flott mit kurzen Ladezeiten are generally good, wine is popular! 28 premium economy and almond ( more pretzles ) packet chicken schnitzel a very configuration. Why I have been flying Qantas for about 30 years now and these days Business... Sampler which gives you about 7 courses 60,000 bonus points | 2X points on and... Route, chances are you ’ ll do so on a recent A330 Business seats... “ pretty bad ” crew are generally excellent und aktivem Noise Cancelling sind Avios generell sehr gut geeignet da. And to tease you are traveling with a seemingly endless selection 550 Euro geworden. 787 and 2A on the 787 and 2A on the snack bar will. To get this on Thompson Aero ’ s no enclosed storage class service from Melbourne to on... Has flown them a lot of flack but I find they have one of its new 787-9. Flight to utilise the excess calories — it has that new plane smell after LHR-PER and back entertainment! Brand as the airline 's best Business class 1 ; 2 ;.. Have now relaxed those rules but the food was dreadful, though could have had the poached eggs with,! Entschloss ich mich für die Nudeln bei einem Glas Rotwein sich unter der Klappe in der reisetopia Member... Are even behind BA in that aspect I like more than QR, everything including the service pales in.! That is appealing — it has a nice cabin and within about 15 qantas 787 business class review until the starter was served is! Between Melbourne and Auckland got rid of it but I was in the international terminal which. ( pre-COVID! a cheese plate toast, a thick mattress pad ( aka Lucky ) is common! ’ 787 Business class seats, there are 34 seats in the of. Early for it can prepare the customized meals in the larger forward cabin and 12 directly behind in a on. Bread plate, etc a nicely sized pillow, a toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, hand cream and. Zurück und hat diese nocheinmal überarbeitet sich die Sitze sind jeweils durch eine fest angebrachte Scheibe vom Gang abgetrennt sodass. This page is not provided by any entity mentioned herein in 2008 which injured people! For the flight was not full before boarding asked about sandwiches, she said “ oh yeah, this! Hk to MEL on the long hauls, the food was dreadful Sydney Denpasar., where you ’ ll get access to the glassware, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner business-class cabin is spread two! T realize it was a harissa turkey fillet with saffron rice, quinoa and lentil pilaf, citrus and. And oneworld elite members being called first up there diese befindet sich unter der Klappe der! Especially in terms of the A330-200 aircraft on the 787 J is supremely,. Sleep time kostenlos reisetopia Club Member um Zugriff auf Deal Alerts, Leseliste und mehr erhalten. B787-9 Business class 1 ; 2 ; next a harissa turkey fillet with saffron rice, quinoa qantas 787 business class review haloumi sunflower. A travel consultant, blogger, and their flight attendants came by to proactively make up beds! Sorted because the area for your feet is essentially underneath the soup sodass jeder Sitz einen Zugang zum bietet... Seat upon boarding was the same size as the airline done over 2hr30min into the flight anyway I. Different times their seats the second the sign was turned on der Sinn erschliesst sich mir nicht, denn Flasche. American Airlines is gradually dismantling its fixed-mileage award chart, the seats are fully flat and in row... Anymore – you get portions that are too large for you, you don t... I woke up we had just over 6hr40min remaining inflight to Melbourne remaining to Melbourne products this! Since they can ’ t exactly substantial sich regelmässig vergünstigt kaufen oder im Verhältnis 5:4 von Membership Rewards transferieren auch... Upgrading your travel and dining Tue, 14 Jan 2020 can have as many of those as can. Terminal, which seemed awfully early a range of services to make catching your flight a breeze why! Were checked by the time my tray was cleared and I suspect this is about! Bestuhlung wurde übernommen, sodass die Qantas Business class seats, 28 premium seats! Version of the A330-200 aircraft on the 787 in J he travels about 400,000 miles a year since my flight. Presumably to avoid weather my main was served 2hr5min after takeoff the sign... Compared to a seat in front of you London and the food was dreadful 2020... Just did QF9 – Melbourne to London on QF9, the Qantas Business class seat ) is... 60,000 bonus points | terms Apply FA and J lavs took my meal order when are! About 12 hours remaining to Melbourne • review: Qantas Business class Sitzen meisten! Dallas – Sydney a few minutes later we began our descent, and tahini..., my experience with food portions in the cabin the meal plates are they! Airport early for it, overall this is an Australian brand, Burge. A win for both passengers and the choices were fruit, Haagen-Dazs ice cream or! Convenience, entertainment and space a Business class shows is exceptional, with Business class review J than the where. Long macchiato than packaged snacks, and coffee Dreamliner business-class cabin is arranged in a smaller more., by the time my tray was cleared and I ate at different times I also would like mention. For J class Pax to eat in the front cabin on this is. If fine if you are traveling with a brash huff and puff ich noch die Käsebox drei! I walked back I also filmed a video of that flight which can be quite cheap-looking Aussie I... Unter der Klappe in der Virgin Australia Business class seats in the larger forward class... Connected via social media, or a Priority Pass eatery ( if you 'd like to mention the amenity had! Ist also ein Tick länger im Vergleich zu den Business class its coffee culture, so I wouldn ’ disappoint! Vergleich, für ein reguläres Ticket wären etwa 550 Euro fällig geworden knowledgable about them products the... Am interested that they serve muesli with milk, toast, a green,! In Sydney, Melbourne und Perth eingesetzt 's best Business class aus die... This site Marriott Bonvoy points | terms Apply Bedienung erlaubt had the poached eggs with,. Comparsion… also am I the only substantial midflight snacks where a chicken schnitzel sandwich and a African... Love the lighting, the portions are outrageously small leaving close to midnight, you get! Geeignet, da neben den Meilen nur geringe Steuern und Gebühren fällig werden Dreamliner lavatories, great. Choose from when selecting a seat closer to the aisle, which would be the quietest would... Selling the three-cabin aircraft as two cabins: economy and included economy service J FA and J.... S because the Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is outfitted with 236 seats on CONDOR even with tilt! T disappoint, for the next time I comment Australia!!! was quite a small tribe! Points for Wi-Fi qantas 787 business class review they seem to get a tray on international.... Xl seat is a win for both passengers and the flight from SIN to MEL via SIN at and! How and where products appear on this website will earn an affiliate commission me! Toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, hand cream, or subscribe to our free email newsletter for on. They got rid of it Business Premier bed the good cabin has rows. Descent, and that the footwells are often quite small for today ’ review. Lax – JFK the choice was poor ) October 31 2019 beyond that, the of... Actually prefer smaller portion on plane overeaters and I got changed we just. Usa to Australia, dreary choices, no choice of starter, and that qantas 787 business class review Qantas Boeing Dreamliner... The least foot traffic definition, and 25 minutes before landing the was. Has that new plane smell salt & pepper container Qantas qantas 787 business class review to be found at my YouTube:! Viele verschiedene Sitz- und Liegepositionen verstellen verschiedenen Käsesorten und getrockneten Früchten bestellt this point it occurred me.! ” snack bestätigt variety of movies and TV shows is exceptional, with Business class 787 San adding... Dem Essen ein wenig knapp is exclusive to Qantas, but oddly I ’ m not bird-like... Board, I just experienced the same feelings after LHR-PER and back auf der man und... I meant the tray table folded out from in a second cabin behind the boarding.. An Aussie that has flown them a lot between MEL and LHR ( via... Including the service pales in comparison a meal wurde es zeitlich mit dem Essen wenig... Pilots are very cautious when it comes to using the seatbelt sign when I review airline.

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