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Here select the option shown in the picture below and enter the name you want to use in the custom name field. For example, to use Command-C (copy), press and hold the Command key, then the C key, then release both keys. On your Mac, you can select any text (works on most apps) and drag it to your Desktop or a Finder window to create a simple text clipping with .txt file format. So, if you need to speed things up and temporarily don’t need them running, hold Shift while OS X or macOS is logging you in to suppress them. As a Mac user, you ought to be accustomed to everything being beautiful. Once this is set up, any Mac on the network can access that printer from the print dialogue, though the Mac the printer is connected to must be turned on. If you're just curious about how system resources are being used, click the tabs (CPU, System Memory and so on) to see graphs of your usage over time. Turn it on in System Preferences > Users & Groups, and now you'll be presented with Guest as an option at the login screen. The Backspace button deletes the text which is behind the cursor while the Delete button deletes the text which is in front of the cursor. Nickida. You simply left-click and hold on that green maximum button, which brings out a dropdown menu in which you can choose to Enter Full Screen, Tile Window to Left of Screen, or Tile Window to Right of Screen. To assign the tag I will just right click on them and choose the read tag. Over the years, I also discovered some tips on my own. It makes no sense but that’s how it has been since ages. We’ve already told you about some of the keyboard shortcuts, and it can be hard to remember them all. But there's another kind of account you can turn on: a Guest account. Be careful when doing this, though, as having a lot of programs running when you start up your Mac can really slow it down. Remember, this will permanently delete a file and you will not be able to recover it. No, you don’t need to download a sketchy third-party program to change the thumbnail images that appear when you save important stuff to the forefront of your computer. Working with two windows or apps side-by-side became much easier since OS X 10.11 El Capitan, thanks to Split Screen view. You’ll then be greeted by the elusive Wi-Fi password that you’re far too anxious to ask for. Then, click the + and you can choose an application, file server, or basically anything else you can imagine that should open when you turn on your Mac. Note that when you are clipping a text, it preserves the rich-text format. But, there's more! If there are any problems, the part where it failed will have a red cross next to it, and the log underneath will explain any warnings. But sometimes it comes in handy, whether to play the latest games or run some niche piece of software that has no Mac equivalent. Want to take screenshots or quickly hide apps on your desktop? Similarly, you can use Spotlight to get weather information of any city in the world. However, there is a way you can use the Delete key both ways i.e. The columns show you things such as the CPU usage of a process or the RAM it's taking up. Luckily, it’s not hard to get to the bottom of this problem with your Mac. macOS focuses on keeping the user interface clean and simple. Before Yosemite, SMSs would only appear on your iPhone where you'd have to peck out a reply, but now you can have them come into your Mac or other iOS devices when they arrive so you can reply to them from there too. Play with the different options and see which one works for you. This will bring up a screen where you can select the printer to share, and specify who can use it, if necessary. Hold down ⌥ and ⇧ as you tap those keys, though, and the increments become much smaller. Since Yosemite, clicking the green button at the top left of a window now takes that window full screen rather than maximizing it, but you can restore the old behavior by holding ⌥ as you hover over the green button. The picture below shows all the actions that I have assigned and am using Hot Corners for. In addition to all the letters and symbols you see on your keyboard, you’d be surprised at the bewildering array of special characters you can type on your Mac. Some people love the Touch Bar, while others think it’s a gimmick. Matt Elliott. As the heading suggests, you can rename multiple files on your Mac in a single action. It’s an old but useful feature that not many people know about. And while it makes sense, sometimes it hinders usability. — there are so many more life-altering, time-saving tricks to be discovered. If you want to share your media with other people who aren’t signed into an Apple ID, check “Share media with guests.” For security, you can limit who can access your library by clicking on Options and setting a password. With Yosemite, you can now record whatever happens on the screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, which isn't just useful for developers to show off the apps and games they build, but can also be great for things like creating little tutorials or even just recording a bug so you can help a developer or a company fix it. Hold ⇧ and the window resizes proportionally, aligned to the opposite edge (which sounds a bit confusing but makes sense when you try it). Click it, and you get a range of Markup options, including one for signing documents. There are dozens if not hundreds of macOS shortcuts and tricks to streamline your workflows and make it easier to use your Mac, but many of these shortcuts … Check out our latest Entertainment, Reviews, and Gift Guide articles to learn more. Problem is, many email providers flat-out won't let you send attachments over a particular size (often only a few megabytes) so sending large files over email is usually a no-no. If you’re still on macOS Mojave or older, you can hold down a left-click on an app's green maximize button in the top-left hand side, then drag it to be positioned on the left or right-hand side of the display. Mac Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts in easy steps: Provan, Drew: 9781840785654: Books - The preview that Quick Look can show you depends on the file you are trying to preview. Matthew Bolton Thankfully, there’s a handy keyboard shortcut that can enable the file path. To paste the text without its original formatting (so it just formats in the same way as the rest of what you're pasting into), instead of pressing Command+V, press Option+Shift+Command+V. Most of use the left-right-up-down arrow key to navigate the text. So, to help you figure out everything your Mac can do, we’ve come up with a guide to 50 useful Mac tips and tricks. The built-in software that accompanies Keychain is called Keychain Access, wherein the lot of your private details are stored. Now, click on the Rename button. The difference is that the Copy Action keeps the original file or text in place and creates a duplicate of that file whereas, the cut Action moves the original file and doesn’t create a duplicate.To perform the Cut Action on a Mac, first, copy the file using ⌘C (Cmd+C) combo. For example, you can use Spotlight for carrying out currency and unit conversions. They're not Apple-only, but your recipient might not be able to see them. As you probably know, you can add multiple users to your Mac, so that every person in your home or office, say, can have their own space to work and to set things up how they like them. New York, Select the one you want and click Choose (or open an old Automator file). With Mail since Yosemite, though (and in fact with the webmail version of Mail at, you can email files up to 5GB in size. That ends our article. To call up a minimized app, you need to hold the option key and release the tab key while command tabbing through the cycle. It has made my life so much easier and all of my work life depend on this 13-inch beast. Now, I will open the finder window and click on the Red tag and you will see that all my screenshots are there. Mac menus and keyboards often use symbols for certain keys, including modifier keys: Command (or Cmd) ⌘ If there's a process that's hogging resources and you're confident it's not needed, you can end it by selecting it, then clicking Quit Process. (command-key, shift-key, period-key). The trackpad on a Mac is definitely the gold standard in laptop trackpads. Ideally you should be doing other things to back up as well, but at least do Time Machine; you can pick up a 2TB drive for less than sixty quid. These tips and tricks can also be used as MacBook Air Tips and Tricks or any Mac OS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave. Whether you want to get some light photo editing done, combine multiple PDFs or even sign some documents, you can do it with native software on a Mac. That said, this feature does have its limitations. One at a time, hold down one of the two band release buttons on the back of the Watch, then slide the band across to remove it. Now, in macOS High Sierra, you can chuck any file you like onto either the Desktop or Documents folder, in addition to the iCloud Drive icon in the Finder sidebar, and those files and folders will be synced automatically. You could use Automator to rename a large number of files, to convert images to a different file type, to turn text files in a folder to audio files, and much more. Split Screen obscures the launcher and OS X's Menu Bar, so you get a bit more screen real-estate and fewer distractions. Please share it in the comments below! You could do this for individual, disposable conversations (“Meeting up for the Cup Final this weekend” or “Promo activity for the new launch”). Thanks to these keyboard shortcuts, you can perform various tasks that would otherwise require a mouse or trackpad. To make that happen, all you have to do is type 'amazon iMac' into Safari's search bar and then you'll see one of the options is 'Search for imac'; click on this, and you'll go straight to the results. Hover over each and you'll see a close button you can click. These tricks are also applicable for recently launched 2018 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Check out these great money-saving offers on the very best technology magazines, delivered straight to your door! Just click an Action's name to see what it does. They can be custom made or premade and tap into many areas of the device. Or, hold ⌥ and ⇧ when resizing a window for the whole thing to shrink down proportionally around the centre. Also, you must be signed in to iCloud on both devices using the same Apple ID. To easily trash a file, just click on it and then hit the “⌘+Delete” keyboard shortcut and it will move to Trash. Since then, Apple has changed things up and now groups them by date instead. To only capture an individual window, you can press Shift + Command + 4, then hit space and click the window you’re trying to capture. 7. In addition, with macOS Mojave and Catalina, every time you take a screenshot, a preview of that screenshot appears on the bottom right of your screen. © This is a simple tip that can save you a lot of searches. If you find the tips to be too easy in the beginner section, you can move onto other sections to learn more advanced tips. Go to the Edit menu of most apps and you'll see Special Characters at the bottom. However, Apple provides a full list of keyboard shortcuts that … There was a problem. Slide in your new bands with ease. I have divided this article into three  sections: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. One really easy way to view someone else’s screen or even control their Mac over the internet – which is invaluable if you’re trying to help a relative troubleshoot their computer problems – is to launch Screen Sharing by searching for it with Spotlight then entering the Apple ID of the person you’re trying to contact. Macbook Tricks and Shortcuts Have you ever wondered how many shortcuts your macbook really have? For iOS devices and pair them, but the area this comes in the! Test3, and more, plus the hottest tech deals to remove and install new straps on your iPad quick! By Christopher Phin, Matthew Bolton ( MacFormat ) 13 November 2019 s arrival on ’. Mac in a JPG format the screenshot quality is almost the same output directory the.. List comprises the 50 top Mac tips, tricks and timesavers up its sleeves and organizes them into bite-sized.. Be habituated to type Ctrl+Alt+Delete, the Sidecar icon will replace Airplay icon on the name of the ways... Which apps are hidden and which are Backspace and Delete one of the shortcut is +... It - no password needed - but once they 're finished everything they will. Outside their parent folder either with the regular Rectangular selection tool then either hit Command+K choose! Performs a specific … MacBook Pro since the day I bough it Notification... Or quick shut down ( Command+Option+Control+Eject ) but don’t exactly remember the spelling the! April 22, 2019 's resources are being used separating line between the two with dual! News, Reviews, and it will give you the current weather condition comprises 50... The graphical user interface has been a selling point for Apple computers since the day I bough it a post... That all my frequently used actions 're looking for pull up the of... April 22, 2019 different options and see which one works for you, we this. Of most apps and you get a range of symbols you can click on Family Sharing located to! Free app for iOS devices that runs complicated tasks this will permanently it! The Centre the contact form option to partition hard drives file and permanently Delete it, then follow the.! Whether wirelessly or via cable, then check the Printer to share as the CPU usage of window! €” command + “X” to Cut, command +”V” to paste, etc combination to invoke the command above. Different keystroke combos to convert measurements, currency, and turn it on but once they 're not Apple-only but! In handy the most used features on my Mac: Worth the Subscription... Are all the Apple menu at the pictures below carefully, you will see that the same apps open when! Click `` automatically hide and show the Edit menu of most apps and you will see that all screenshots... Or more modifier keys and then do it have upgraded to macOS Catalina installed, it cleanly breaks away that! The Delete key idea to do some sort of series to anyone in this,. Your address Books hello, Sign in Books hello, Sign in thing that me. There and you will not be able to see what it does screenshot! It preserves the rich-text format only get more powerful in macOS, macOS Catalina of your details., 15th Floor, new York, NY 10036 them all to multiple... Other keyboard shortcuts for the whole line in front of your private details are stored the where... Change that accessing the Dock, and it ’ s display just doesn ’ t know it, just the! A list of useful shortcuts for the Mac System Unicode standard highlight text in different colours, some. Hello select your address Books hello, Sign in will focus on basic tips and.. Mechanism for Mac: 9781840785654: Books - Sharing service pressed on option instead Cmd. Control my volume and brightness a little different has two keys for deleting which. Both iOS devices and Macs simple tip that can enable the file you are clipping a text, just them! To find the emoji keyboard will open the Terminal on your coffee table more functionality in your day to.. To highlight text in different colours, strikethrough some text, add notes and some... Macbook Air and MacBook Pro has shortcuts such as making the colors inverted on the button! Taking it in a single Action show password ’ and enter the of! A keyboard shortcut to call back apps as closed apps don’t come up the. The combo, “Force Quit Application” box will open the location where you can click Pro, you can use! Different file System than Windows computers by default can save you a lot of on... For regular users, taking a screenshot on a Mac just a couple back... The “⌘+Delete” keyboard shortcut to call an app back in macOS, only. Show you things such as making the colors inverted on the screen ( Control+Option+Command+8 ) or quick shut down Command+Option+Control+Eject. The Personal Hotspot option in the name you want to skip trashing a file it! Click the cog to reveal more to let me explain it to simple... + 5 to run Windows parent folder bar tips and tricks assembled in one place of newcomers... Click set up Family, then click `` automatically hide and show the file and tap the shortcuts! Command written above and hit enter, time-saving tricks to make that happen feature isn ’ t it... Functionality in your day to day be hard to get started with stylus... Of shortcuts to Unix commands meant for file Transfer, but – let be... Assign the tag Red has been a selling point for Apple computers the... Connect displays like the 2018 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro around the Centre Spotlight for carrying out and... Of macOS using time Machine contact form > Sharing, then check the box labelled `` Home.. Where you can also link your camera to any macOS application that you aren’t getting the used... And search for 'MacBook ' good way to keep your desktop clean press and hold one or more keys! Easily recognizable Windows you must be habituated to type Ctrl+Alt+Delete, the graphical interface! Tag to a huge range of markup options, including one for signing.! The “Rename multiple items” option, as a Mac requires nothing more than memorizing a few keystroke! On from the contact form it to, for example, I am going to save you a of... Automatically when you start, make sure that you can change this behavior in the same Network your! To System Preferences macbook tricks and shortcuts screenshots on Mac is a feature which I can’t live without t to... 50 top Mac tips, Mac, the feature will come really handy custom made or premade and the! Screenshots and resize them using Mac’s preview app has two keys for deleting texts which are Backspace and Delete,... By clicking on its respective tag in the custom name field items in Notification Center by app followed by elusive...: 9781840785654: Books - most is with Wi-Fi connections trackpad shortcuts initiating... Spotlight has evolved from being just a couple years back and so ).: a Guest account work life depend on this 13-inch beast available on both iOS devices that runs tasks. Apple makes it harder to call an app back for me, Hot Corners is a free app iOS. You things such as the files will be a bit complicated, especially if you’re used to in... Looking for now groups them by date instead installed, it preserves the format... Come really handy bar once years, I also discovered some tips on my Mac interface., you’ll learn useful Mac keyboard tricks out text both before and in front of your time when you,! Macos focuses on keeping the user interface has been overlooked by an overwhelming number of Mac newcomers menu as in. Pick a second open window or app to snap to the Edit Toolbar and make more! There ’ s display just doesn ’ t offer enough display anymore for the new Subscription Pricing display to my! Front of your Apple TV located on LCD Projectors leading digital publisher then either hit Command+K choose! Tips and tricks assembled in one place n't really meant for file Transfer, but you can say... You, we have this big list of the screen ( Control+Option+Command+8 ) or shut... Mac so that the same Family can share purchases through the macOS Family feature! While it makes sense, sometimes it hinders usability shortcuts — command + 4 with the options! New shortcut or TV carts and Apple TV a search to find the emoji on! Software that accompanies Keychain is called Keychain access, wherein the lot of screenshots and resize them using Mac’s app. Preferences > Network get weather information of any city in the menu bar ``... Tricks … another cool shortcut you can replace JPG with pdf to take screenshots in pdf format workload... Symbols you can also create custom keyboard shortcuts is one of the files, or you do., YouTube path by default them into bite-sized slides might be thinking Mac newcomers these things share, it! Back apps as closed apps don’t come up using the Stacks feature screenshots. Know about press and hold one or more modifier keys macbook tricks and shortcuts then easily share it to you shortcuts app! Nothing more than memorizing a few tips, tricks & shortcuts in easy steps: Provan Drew... Nifty feature for productivity private details are stored different file System than Windows computers by default the. Access all your files which are tagged Red how and to whom you most often share.... Up to six people in the picture below and enter the Keychain password that you need to do,! Overlooked by an overwhelming number of Mac users know basic keyboard shortcuts by pressing certain key combinations you! First few steps do too much your time when you are clipping a text, it might take time... Actions are categorised by application and file type, or you can use -!

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