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Care should also be taken with the soil. Bromeliads are indoor flowering house plants that can add great color and texture to your indoor garden. Thanks for visiting this website and I hope that all of your plants and flowers are healthy and growing. As they decompose, they feed the Aechmea bromeliad through the foliage. Need a gift for a holiday, anniversary, or just to let someone know that you are thinking of them? That is my opinion but you have to admit that this is a pretty plant. An artificial plant is just what you need. After blooming, Aechmea bromeliad house plant will do well with bright, diffused lighting and even some sun. Great for dark spots where a plant could not live. They get the moisture & nutrients they need through their foliage. The main difference between the two is the Aechmea primera has a smooth leaf edge and the Aechmea fasciata bromeliad has small spines on the leaf edge. The bromeliad in this picture is the Aechmea Primera. Here are some common types of urn plants: 1. So please read on! You, of course, should make your own decision based on your plant's light and location. So if you have one of these plants, don't be upset if it starts to die after you have had it for awhile as this is natural. After blooming, Aechmea bromeliad house plant will do well with bright, diffused lighting and even some sun. Most Bromeliads do not have extensive root systems and this is also the case with Aechmea plants. Aechmea fasciata is a perennial epiphytic evergreen herb. It’s a sign of dehydration in your urn plant. The water should run right through your potting media, leaving only slightly wet compost behind. Cast Iron plant will thin in indoor light but they are pretty hardy plants and can adapt to lower light. Questions about plants and pet safety? Beneath the dying leaves you’ll find two or more “pups” — baby urn plants. If light isn’t the problem, then it may be a lack of ethylene gas. Light Strong filtered light, with perhaps some morning sun. Allow these pups to grown in place until they are 6 inches tall which usually takes five or six months, and then transfer them to pots of their own. It can also be grown epiphytically , as, for example, with moss around its roots and wired to rough bark. After flowering keep the well at the centre of the plant topped up over the growing season. If you live in a hardiness zone of 10b or 11, you can grow urn plants outside as long as you keep them well watered. It is nice helping them keep their indoor house plants growing and healthy. Bromeliad plants bloom only once before they die, but don’t despair. If you have a sunroom or a greenhouse you can have fun with these tropical plants and propagate by removing and planting the "pups" or shoots that grow from the base of a mature specimen. In the rainforests, rainwater gathers in the stiff rosette of leaves that forms the urn. Questions about your indoor house plants or plant care problems? In very strong sun the … Travel a lot or can't keep plants alive? This process will most likely not be occurring in your home! I hope that your indoor tropical house plants and all of your plants and flowers are happy, green and growing because that is why I started this indoor house plant and flower care website, They are commonly kept indoors as houseplants; however, they can be displayed outdoors as long as they are brought inside before the first frost. Native to southeastern Brazil, Aechmea fasciata (Urn Plant) is a tender evergreen perennial boasting a pretty rosette of broad, strap-shaped, cross-striped silver and green leaves. Can be left out in cold weather, too! However, the Guzmania bromeliad is by far the most common bromeliad and they are grown in many colors, including red, orange, yellow and purple. Aechmeas, and bromeliads in general, should be acquired when they have an established bloom as they really require a greenhouse environment to reach this stage. 3. A great indoor plant for anyone. Wonder which flowers to pick for your yard? Visit Clean Line Soap Co. for vibrant soaps to brighten up your shower, buttery bath bombs to soften your baths and skin, and that's just to start! This is an easy bromeliad to grow, and with good silvery green banded foliage, plus that wonderful pink flower, can easily be grown in a container indoors or in the garden. It’s best to keep the vase, cup, urn or tank (the center where the flower arises out of) 1/4 to 1/2 way full of water. Two of my favorites are the Aechmea Fasciata and the Vriesea Splendens. Let the growing media dry down about 3/4 of the depth of the grow pot between watering your Aechmea bromeliad plant. These are most important for the health of your house plants and this is some of the information I will refer you to if you send an indoor house plant or flower care question. Learn about choosing, planting, care, watering, light and more for the tomatoes in your home garden. Check this handy guide of 151 Most Common Flower Types in the U.S. Pictures and information about how much sun your flower will need. Indoor House Plants Pictures Names ⚘ Water Indoor Plants ⚘ Lighting Indoor Plants ⚘ Bonsai Plants ⚘ Common House Plants ⚘ Indoor Palm Plant Care ⚘ Orchids ⚘ Pets & Plants ⚘ Buy Tropical Orchids Orchid Care Aeonium arboreum 'var. Aechmea fasciata requires partial shade and a well-drained, but moisture-retentive soil. You could grow Aechmea fasticata 'Primera' outdoors in USDA zones 9b - 11. I have been keeping water in the cup (I've been using a stream spray bottle to help flush it out each time it's filled) but it seems to use up the water quickly. With its gorgeous pink flower, it is so similar to the Aechmea Fasciata that is often used in its place. Temperatures should be between 50° and 85°F with some humidity being provided. Lower in the page is a close up of Aechmea fulgens bloom taken in the Manoa Valley of Hawaii. Bright indirect light. Watering in the "vase" of the plant is okay in good, bright light situations. Aechmea Fasciata likes light, but it is afraid of direct strong light. Do not allow pets to eat your indoor houseplants or your outdoor plants. Almost everyone who tries to grow urn plants wants them to bloom. Find Urn Plant (Aechmea fasciata) in Houston, Texas (TX) at Buchanan's Native Plants (Silver Vase Plant) In sun or bright light, you can water into the vase and allow to run over into the potting media. That can be difficult, especially with cats, as they seem to be able to get just about anywhere they please! More about Sansevieria houseplant care. Will do best in very bright light, even some morning sun. Average room temperatures between 65°F (18.3°C) - 75°F (24°C) are suitable and maintain temperatures around the 75°F (24°C) mark to bring flowers in to bloom. How long your Aechmea bromeliad flower stays looking good really depends on the care they receive, the light and how far into their bloom stage they were when they were acquired. I avoid doing this and prefer to water the potting mix only. 15°C (59°F) - 25°C (77°F). Commission earned on sales made through this link. ⚘ Flowers Plants Poster Prints ⚘ Orchid Art & Posters ⚘ Gardening Calendars ⚘ Greenhouse Books-Gardening, Copyright © 2012 - 2021 atropurpureum' - Purple Stonecrop . If given a choice, all Aechmea prefer temperatures to be on the warmer side. I would be happy to answer any house plant questions as I can. In nature, it is an epiphytic plant, which means it … Cast Iron plant, grow indoors or outdoors. Problems with gnats, mosquitoes and rot can occur. Aechmea, a genus in the subfamily Bromelioideae, is one of the most widely grown groups of Bromeliads. Light : The plant likes bright filtered light. After your bromeliad plant has completed its bloom cycle, the mother plant will also eventually begin to die and the shoots that form at the base of the plant will continue to grow. It is originally from tropical regions of Central and South America. Root rot can be a problem if the soil is too moist. See something you like? Peace Lily plant has white flowers. Questions about Aechmea bromeliad house plant? Aechmeas are epiphytes belonging to the bromeliad family. More information about some common flowers. Once the bract turns brown, continue caring for your urn plant as before even as the leaves turn brown and die. Urn plants will thrive in almost any indoor environment with little attention. With its gorgeous pink flower, Aechmea Primera is so similar to the Aechmea Fasciata that is often used as a substitute. Agapanthus 'Blue Bayou' - … Over the years, I have had many animals and plants in the same house and have not had too many problems. A ground cover or mass planting in front of a green-foliaged shrub grouping that branches to the ground makes a nice, bright accent for a partially shaded spot. Keep the plant in warm temperature conditions -- the ideal temperature for growing aechmea is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Here are some ideas for flowering plants for your garden, yard, patio, or deck. Urn plants need good light and plenty of it for bract production. Temperature: In summer, plants enjoy moving outdoors, provided temperatures range between 70 to 85 degrees F ( 21 to 30 degrees C ). Grow in a container or plant in a bed. Native to Central and South America, Aechmea fasciata is a beautiful bromeliad with a sculptural form that looks great shown off as a specimen plant in the home. The simply need clean water in their tank and bright, indirect light. The plant name of this delightful beauty is Bromeliad – Aechmea Fasciata. In the rainforests, rainwater gathers in the stiff rosette of leaves that forms the urn. But in the main, they're not especially fussy about temperature. Once mature and in bloom, your Aechmea bromeliad plant's flower will begin to fade and die after a certain amount of time. Working in the interior landscape industry, I get a lot of questions from customers about their personal house plants. 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